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Enymedia offers a basic search engine optimization (SEO) package that provides a cost effective alternative to the expensive solution offered by specialist companies. Typically, and SEO company will charge between $1000 and $5000 to produce a lengthy search engine optimization evaluation report. The report itself in no way improves your situation; it simply provides a detailed and often technical implementation strategy for improving your native ranking.

SEO Factor 1: Search Engine Friendly Design

Step 1: Ensure your website can be found and indexed by the major search engines. Google and other search engine bots that access your website will try to review and index all of your pages in an effort to determine what your content is about. If your website is not built by an experienced web design company with a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimisation principles, you run the risk designing a website that cannot be effectively indexed by search engines.

SEO Factor 2: Relevant Website Content

As part of our Search Engine Optimisation strategy, our copywriters will prepare a series of professionally written pages geared specifically to your industry. By incorporating your keywords into compelling content, we will aim to provide your visitors with access to valuable online content as well create optimised website pages for an improved search engine ranking. In most instances people use very specific names and phrases when conducting an online search – we research your industry and tailor a realistic strategy to achieve your goals.

SEO Factor 3: Optimised Content

To capitalise on your website content, it is important that all of the pages displayed on the website are correctly optimised for the major search engine. The process of optimising content involves structuring the code of each page to ensure they can be effectively indexed by the search engine spiders. All of the pages produced or reviewed by Enymedia will be appropriately optimised to improve the overall ranking of your website.

SEO Factor 4: Building External Links

We strongly believe that external links are the single most important factor influencing your website’s search engine positioning. Link Building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. Nowadays, search engines place more emphasis on external links in calculating a website's search engine ranking. The ultimate aim is to generate as many links to your website as possible. Ideally these links should be from websites in a similar industry with a high Google page rank. Link building is a laborious process which takes time and effort- this is why the majority of websites rank poorly in the search engine rankings. As part of the Enymedia packages we include a direct link from our website to your website.

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